>Can Malaysian play online betting?


Yes, you can now easily play the online betting in Malaysia.

Deposit trough Maybank2U, or even PBebank and Hong Leong Online to buy credit (Fund in to sportsbook account or casino chips). It normally takes 30 minutes to confirmed your deposit amount. After that, you could enjoy your betting game.

When you win money, you can submit a withdrawal trough the same bank. It normally takes 24 to 48 hours to process.

The following is some trusted online sportsbook and casino which offer the service to Malaysian. Nice service and fast payout.
1. M88 – Offer Live dealer Casino, Sports Betting, Poker, Horse Racing, Lottery, Keno and Games.
2. Bodog – Offer Live dealer Casino, Sports Betting, Poker.
3. 12Bet – Offer Live dealer Casino, Sports Betting, Horse Racing

The online betting company will normally offer the first time deposit bonus for the new player. Please click here to check out the latest promotion.

So my Malaysia friend, enjoy your play now.


About maribet888
MARIBET.com adalah perjudian halaman maklumat website yang pertama di Malaysia. MARIBET.com menyediakan layanan pembuatan account untuk taruhan bola, kasino, togel, bola tangkas (MM), dan financial online dijaringan penyelenggara betting online terkemuka seperti sportsbook dan live casino(12bet, M88, dan 188bet). Dengan fasilitas transfer bank Maybank2U, CIMB, Publicbank atau HongLeong, pembukaan account online betting Anda kepada kami.

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